Your Own Crystal Ball

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If you were offered a look into your future would you take it?  That’s a tough one.  On the one hand if you knew that a diabetic diagnosis could be averted tomorrow by better eating today would it inspire you to be more mindful of what you’re throwing down the hatch?  Or if you got a glimpse of a cramped future with limited choices would you be inspired to do less spending and more saving so your tomorrow could be decidedly rosier?   Oh but wait.   If we jam our mouths with sugar short superior genetics we’re indeed playing with insulin resistant fire.  And if we spend everything we make we guarantee, short of winning the lottery, tomorrow will look very much like today.   This just in:  You don’t need a crystal ball or fortune teller for this news flash.

If you want a future brimming with health and financial security the future starts now.  It starts with making better choices and that begins with becoming mindful of your choices.   A lot of the time we operate in default mode.  How many times have you opened the fridge without doing anything more than window shopping?  Are you guilty of trying to save money left over only to be surprised that there’s nothing left?  The answer to both of these issues is to be mindful of what you’re doing.  Keep out of the fridge unless you’re hungry and pay yourself first to guarantee there are funds you can save.

Try awareness on for size.  Be completely present for the rest of the day and observe what you do.  The trick to change is to isolate the behavior that’s getting in the way of you getting your bigger want and squash it.  Get clear on your bigger want.  That want is the secret sauce that will make change effortless and simple.  And that’s the true skinny on that!

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