Skinny Living Project

It would make a more interesting story to say that we came up with the thought of skinny while sipping fine wine on the coast of somewhere fabulous.  Nope!  We were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking wine out of a box and wondering how the heck we ever got on this accelerated train to nowhere we ever wanted to go.   By the time the evening ended we were on the floor drowning in tears of laughter, regret, “would’ve could’ve should’ve” dreams of lives relived and reordered.

The thing is that less really is more.   If we don’t feel crowded we have the room to welcome everything that’s important to us.   We inhabit a very noisy world.  It sometimes feels like every ounce of energy on the planet is competing for our attention.   We just need to be reminded once and awhile that the off switch is right under our thumb. That’s an exhilarating, liberating and very skinny concept.

Skinny is remembering that we’re in charge.  We are the ones that are pushing the buttons of our own experience.    We have the say about what comes in and what stays out.  We have total control of the way we look at things and our perceptions are at the wheel of our thoughts and actions and will ultimately determine the quality of the journey and where we end up.

Skinny is a point of view.   It’s shedding the weight of what no longer serves and reclaiming a future of possibility normally held by the young.   How wonderful to be able to access all that zest without leaving home or becoming someone you’re not.   There isn’t a big enough advertising budget in the world that can deliver on that promise.  Only you can do that and best of all . . . it’s free.

Our mission with the Skinny Living Project is to help restore sanity and remind us that nothing that really counts is beyond our control.   Life is supposed to be filled with ups and downs just as an inhale is followed by an exhale to make room for our next breath.   To view life through a compare and contrast paradigm invites a frustrated discontent that reduces our capacity to be our best self and leaves us vulnerable to all sorts of undesirable emotions and outcomes.   We welcome you to join us on this path and help us spread the joy of skinny.

If more isn’t working, isn’t it time to try less?

Totally skinny!





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