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The Joy of Skinny on Finances is a no-nonsense, simple-to-follow formula to wealth and peace of mind for those who want to stop worrying and wondering about money and start choosing and creating the life they desire.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to take control of your money so IT doesn’t control YOU
  • Simultaneously create wealth AND peace of mind
  • Discover how your words can have a direct impact on how you manage money
  • Make smarter buying decisions without feeling deprived


Here’s what people are saying about The Joy of Skinny ON FINANCES:

If only Marcia and Charla could write a book on turning back time so I could start over. So many of the practices and ideas in the book are common sense and seem like no-brainers. Unfortunately, when ruled by “must haves” both of those notions fly out the door! This book has a wonderful way of offering different and easy to remember rules to live by along with the rewards that come with them. Their parallels and stories make it extremely easy to relate to and picture your life in. This is a must for anyone feeling like they are spinning their wheels in life and without a doubt the perfect purchase for any high school/college graduate. Even better, the perfect wedding gift for any new couple that you care enough about to set off on the right course toward their futures. Already looking forward to the next book in the series to see what I’ll be getting skinny with!”   ~Tami S.


This is a must read!!!! What a great perspective, while I was sure that all my financial decisions were of sound judgment, this book took me to a whole new level of thinking and remained so practical and very simple level. This book should be given to teenage kids as a guide for how to live later in life.”   ~Brad S.


“Gosh . . . if only this book had been written when I was 20, I could’ve avoided a lot of financial head-aches! I got an early sneak peek of this book, and I ordered several copies for myself, my grown children, and the young adults with whom I work. It is a quick read with a generous sprinkling of humor, and I think it is safe to say that the authors, Marcia & Charla, are familiar with many of the faux pas experiences first hand. And what a comfort it was to learn I wasn’t the only financial buffoon on the planet. They have the ability to put you in the sites of financial chaos; however, rather than leaving you floundering in the mess of your own making, they bring you that glimmer of hope that elevates & inspires you to resurrect yourself and blaze a new path to success. They caution that “the change” comes from within you and the road won’t be an easy one to travel, but exercising the personal discipline to correct past mistakes will not only be rewarding, it will be the relief you need to enjoy life and forget about that annoying Jones family! I highly recommend this little book to anyone with children or young adults who collect too much, be it shoes, clothes, or cha-chis.”   ~Sarah M.


“The first order of business is to define what wealth means to you…” Marcia and Charla have hit on the core of what we all should think about. This practical and insightful book is a refreshing jump-start for people of all ages, and especially for those of us who tend to over-complicate our lives. I will be recommending it to family members and friends, and will be using the “skinny” philosophy to simplify my life.”   ~Sheila T.


“I loved this book! It puts into perspective what really matters in life. It gives advice that is invaluable. Well written with humor and wisdom. It gets to the truth of the financial stranglehold that most of us deal with everyday and helps us find a way to let it go! Yay!!”   ~C. Holmes


Get Your Skinny On! 


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Candace Conradi Author, Speaker, and Coach

Marcia Manchester and Charla Aylsworth have created the next “Weight Watcher” movement with The Joy of Skinny. Only this time, the weight loss has more to do with our perceptions, our choices, and the social pressure of our time to wear Prada. To quote the authors, living skinny is “…an exhilarating way to live, and it’s wonderful to drop all the weight that worry, wishing, waiting, wondering and want carry.” It’s a diet worth going on for all the right reasons because in the end, our life is more than what we have…its true value is in who we are and the legacy we leave. Therein lies our true wealth. Candace Conradi, Author, Speaker and Coach

Susan Gilbert Author

The Skinny Living Project book series is for anyone who wants to 'get real' and learn how to live life more simply.

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